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Sunday, 1 August 2010

A New Dawn- DedicatedToGamers.co.uk

If you've been enjoying Birkett's Blog then why not take a look at my new gaming site that I have only just set up. It can be found at www.dedicatedtogamers.co.uk and I'd love it if people could get joining the forums, posting comments etc. to create a burgeoning community.

I'm aiming to create a great gaming site, delivering quality reviews, previews and news, as well as specific features from a number of different writers. Please pop over and join the site, it'd be very much appreciated.


  1. So, this is a new site of yours that's up and running? I took a look around - saw some of the reviews (a few looked awfully familiar *grins*) - haven't had a chance to hit the forums yet but plan to. I tried the game website thing once upon a time, but found it more cumbersome than the blog, though it does make a community effort a bit easier I suspect? It looks good so far though!

  2. Yep this is my new site. Got a few writers on board so hopefully they'll be content coming through regularly.

  3. Very cool then. I'll definitely poke around then and see what keeps getting added. :) Nice work so far though - it looks pretty sharp.

  4. Sounds good, i just love your posting and enjoyed this reading a lot, keep us update.

  5. The site looks really good, but the flash it 2 heavy.
    Or my pc is slow :(