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 Take a look at my 'feature' articles, where I discuss a current topic in video games. Click a link below to get taken straight to the article.

'The Demise of 1 vs. 100'
[After Microsoft formally announce the end of the game show before it begins its third season, I look back at what might have been.]

'My Top 10 Games of this Generation so Far'
[5 years on from the start of the generation and here we are. I pick my favourite games of the generation so far, from sci-fi epics to interactive dramas.]

'Ramblings on Move and Kinect'
[I reflect on the current standing of the "big two's" attempts at bringing motion control devices into the HD gaming sphere.]

'EA announce "online passes"- acceptable or one step too far?'
[The announcement of "online passes" that require new copies of 'EA Sports' branded games to be bought for their online component has been lamented by many. I take a look over the whole debate.]

'E3 2010- What to expect from this year's event' [Part 2]
'E3 2010- What to expect from this year's event' [Part 1]
[The anticipation of this year's E3, with expected annoncements and further rumours discussed.]

'3D Gaming: PS3 update gets us 3D-ready'
[Looking at Sony's uptake of 3D and its relation to gaming.]

[I discuss the possible repercussions that could be seen with the current trend of digital distribution methods.]