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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Out this Week! 30th April 2010

A cash-in or an important update? Of course, it's most probably the former, but you'd be hard pressed to find a Fifa fan who isn't excited about the latest in the series, 2010 Fifa World Cup. The game features a roster of 199 playable nations, all questing for ultimate glory on the world stage, whilst a new penalty shoot-out system is also added to make those nail-biting finishes all the more thrilling. As the officially licensed game of the World Cup, all 10 South African stadia are re-created in exacting detail. Come on England! [Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP]

Not played God of War yet but eager to play the third in the trilogy? The God of War: Collection can fill in the blanks of Kratos's bid for revenge- a re-release of the first two God of War games, both up-scaled to glorious 720p high definition and with added trophy support- all on one Blu Ray disc! [PS3]

Arriving just after a year since it was first released. Capcom's hugely popular 2D fighter Super Street Fighter IV is out this week. The release boosts the character roster up 10 to a total of 35 and adds 6 new stages. Characters have also been re-balanced and tuned whilst each fighter also receives a new 'Ultra' attack. The online mode has also been vastly improved from the original release, with added modes ('Tag match', 'Tournament') and the ability to view replays from the top matches via 'Street Fighter TV'. Definitely worth another punt on for fans of the original and newcomer's alike. [Xbox 360, PS3]

Iron Man 2 rounds off the look at this week's releases. With a storyline written entirely for the game by comic book author Matt Fraction, the game features destructible environments, hand-to-hand combat, flying mechanics and huge bosses, as well as more inspiration taken from the comic book universe. Players can play as either 'Iron Man' or 'War Machine'. Interested? No, me neither. Movie tie-ins are notoriously under-whelming, especially when the game is released at the same time as the cinematic release. [Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS]

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