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Monday, 3 May 2010

E3 2010- What to expect from this year's show [Part 1]

Every year sees game companies, publishers and developers scatter to and fro about the globe on a quest to promote their latest innovation in the gaming world. Whether it be in the form of an unwanted plastic peripheral, a triumphant triple-A title or a brand new console release, gaming conventions act as the podium for PR representatives to shout about what they have to offer us gamers. E3, which takes place at the LA Convention Center, is arguably the biggest and most important of these said events, commencing this year 15th June through to 17th June. But what can be expected this time? I shine a light on the possible announcements of this year's event...

'Natal' and 'Playstation Move'
Well, first of all, its abundantly clear that Microsoft and Sony will both take the vast majority of their scheduled press conferences to show off their respective motion-controllers in a follow on from last year's surprise announcements of both Microsoft's 'Natal' (a controller-free motion tracking device) and Sony's 'Playstation Move' (a motion controller with 1:1 motion tracking). Sony have not been shy in showing off their device already, with their GDC 2010 conference showing just how far the controller has come since its tentative announcement this time last year, with SOCOM 4 playable at the event in full motion controlled form as well as integration shown for such games as LittleBigPlanet! 

Microsoft meanwhile have been somewhat quiet regarding 'Natal' for some time. Peter Molyneux has announced, in his own particular way, that Fable III will feature motion tracking in some parts of the game- what this will entail is yet to be fully detailed however. Microsoft are most likely to show off a few games that support 'Natal' (Burnout Paradise has already been in playable form), as well as brand new titles developed specially for the system (the team at Rare should have something in the works). I'd also like to see ways in which 'Natal' can further allow me to interact with the Xbox 360, as shown in the promotional advertisement at E3 2009, such as the navigation through menus with a swipe of the hand or the console signing you in as you enter the room (yes, facial recognition is here!) Hopefully, both Sony and Microsoft will be able to impress, and with both expected to be out on shelves by Christmas, this is one of few remaining chances to get the hype truly moving.

Part 2...

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