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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Developer Profile- EA Dice

To continue to expand my portfolio, my work at MidlifeGamer.net has now seen me take up a new series of work entitled 'Developer Profiles'. Reflecting on a new company weekly will hopefully let me gain a broad spectrum of what's happening within the industry as a whole, as well as gaining a better understanding of what particular teams are all about. For my first profile, I decided to look at EA Dice who make the excellent Battlefield series, as well as the title behind one of my most memorable gaming experiences with Mirror's Edge. Here it is...

'Developer Profiles' is a series of articles that allow me to take a look at some of my most favoured companies within our industry, reflecting on past work and possible future acquisitions.

I have had a particular soft spot for EA DICE in recent years, who consistently seem to deliver interesting and top-notch games. With a now distinctly successful Battlefield series to their name, DICE have shown an outstanding desire for quality with the number of games they've been a part of, such as with the ambitious new IP of Mirror's Edge- projecting a whole new set of skills and labelling themselves as more than a 'one trick pony'...[ctd.]


  1. These guys are great. DICE is one of the better EA-exclusive developers.


  2. Yeh, I really love their work. Here's hoping something great comes up next. No Mirror's Edge 2 announcement at E3 though- think that's a no-go!