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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Developer Profile- Bizarre Creations

'Developer Profiles' is a series of articles that allow me to take a look at some of my most favoured companies within our industry, reflecting on past work and possible future acquisitions.

My latest look towards one of the leading developers within the industry is a studio I much admire for the fact that they were the team behind one of my most favoured racers of all time in the Project Gotham Racing series. The developer is also one of few remaining leading studios staying put within the UK- Liverpool to be exact.

Established way back in 1994, Bizarre Creations were originally involved in the Formula 1-licensed games for Sony's Playstation and PC, whilst also focusing on other projects such as third-person shooter Fur Fighters. Perhaps first tested fully on the precursor to Project Gotham, Metropolis Street Racer for the Dreamcast introduced the rewards system of 'Kudos'...[ctd.]

*Click here to see the rest of the profile from MidlifeGamer.net

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