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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Out this Week! 11th June 2010

My time's going to be taken up by watching (hopefully) every World Cup game but for those of you who still need new games to play, my pick of the month- Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii, is released this week. Following on from Galaxy's superb game mechanics, Galaxy 2 introduces Yoshi to help Mario along- with his choice of diet affecting the his interaction with the world- eat a red hot pepper and he'll be able to frantically run, however a blimp fruit will allow him to inflate like a balloon to get to high ledges. It's just one of many new additions that the team at Nintendo have woven into every fabric of the game, which has been getting excellent review scores recently.

Also out this week is Green Day: Rock Band which, you've guessed it, is Billy Joe at al. ripping it up on the Rock Band stage. Little can be said about the game, you all know the score anyway. Other than to say all Green Day band members have been motion captured and all lend their 3D likenesses to the game. If you're a fan, it's going to be a must.

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