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Monday, 28 June 2010

Out this Week! 2nd July 2010

Realtime Worlds' follow-up to 2007 title Crackdown- the open world, cel-shaded extravaganza- is this week's massively multiplayer APB, of which they have been working on since finishing the aforementioned. The MMO will allow players to act either as an 'Enforcer' or 'Criminal' in a dynamic balance between law and order, of which players can affect. APB also features impressive matchmaking systematics to ensure players of similar skill levels are matched in competitive multiplayer, whilst its real-time combat system should deliver exciting game play experiences. Furthermore, the expansive customisation options keeps things feeling entirely personal along the way, allowing the player to create not only characters, but vehicles, with help from the in-game tool-set. [PC]

The Tiger Woods games suffer from the curse of yearly franchises- projecting unnecessary releases at gamers with little need to pay attention. The franchise has long since near-perfected its golfing game play, with the recent PGA series of games adding next to nothing for core gamers. However, it doesn't stop EA, with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 said to feature new tournament play, online modes and player control. And for the first time in the series, the Ryder Cup has been included, simulating all players and courses no less. This comes with the ability to partake in a giant 24-player multiplayer Ryder Cup for your own online. Motion support has been shown off for both Wii's 'MotionPlus' and Sony's new Move controller. [PS3, Xbox 360, Wii]

I'll forgive you if you haven't heard of the final release of the week, Sniper Ghost Warrior, since its one of those games that comes along unnoticed in a haze of cheap thrills. From developer City Interactive, Ghost Warrior is a first-person tactical shooter said to be “the most realistic sniping experience in a video game” with the its system for tracking bullet trajectory and environmental affects met with player control of breathing. The setting of lush jungle certainly looks appealing, and the insistence that players can choose how they approach given situations sounds entirely promising. Perhaps not one to go amiss, after all. I'll wait and see. [PC, Xbox 360]

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