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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

News- Keyboard set for Rock Band 3?

Well it was the next logical instrument to be included in the band platter of plastic peripherals, but now it seems our dreams as rhythm action Gods has been delivered the addition of a keyboard to sink our teeth into. Downloading the demo of Green Day Rock Band will feature this teaser screen (picture below) upon loading. A teaser for the hugely anticipated Rock Band 3 and a precursor to the addition of the keyboard. In addition, the 'vocal harmonies' logo is also shown which is expected to be carried over from The Beatles Rock Band into the main game.

It should be a nice addition to the stagnating genre and will most likely be emptying our wallets of any cash upon its arrival. The thought of having some awesome keyboard solos and backing strokes added to the band is great and I'm excited about getting to grips with yet another system of play. But please, lets leave it there.

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