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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Out this Week! 4th June 2010

In one of the strangest of game concepts I've seen in quite some time, Naughty Bear is released this week. With a teddy bear on a bid for revenge at the expense of those that mock him, A2M's game is deceptively violent, with Naughty Bear using the environment to his advantage in delivering brutal execution moves to decimate foes into a dispersed array of cotton. Action can take a number of forms, from silently sneaking up on enemies in stealth mode, engaging in “paw-to-paw” combat, or even luring bears into traps unbeknownst to themselves for a horrific death. It's messed up, that's for sure, but if it takes your fancy, be sure to pick it up this Friday. [PS3, Xbox 360]

I'm afraid to admit it, but yes, I am a fan of The Sims. The Sims 3, in my opinion, was the best of the series so far- of what I'm sure is likely to continue for some time to come! Out this week is another expansion to the original game in Sims 3: Ambitions, which lets you (for the first time ever) control your sims on the job whilst also allowing you to choose the way in which their career progresses, for good or bad. Trying to get away with 'office slacker' is as much an option as striving for absolute perfection and will impact the town and other sims in some way or another. Brand new career paths have been included, in addition to all-new skills, activites and “moodlets”/traits. [PC]

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