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Monday, 3 May 2010

Out this Week! 7th May 2010

A barren week in releases this Friday, Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Skies for the Wii is probably the only mentionable release. A sequel to the N64's Sin and Punishment, Successor to the Skies is a rail-shooter in which player's take control of either Isa or Kachi in a romp through on-rail levels with game mechanics that revolve around independent shooting and moving (the Wii pointer, and Nunchuk). Players can pick off enemies in the distance with ranged weapons or choose to switch to melee combat in closer quarters. The game is score-based, with multipliers awarded for skilful play that amp up the points total- meaning re playability is a must for a strive for higher scores. Favourable reviews have greeted Treasure's game so far. Sadly, I can't recommend it myself having had no real experience of the genre and no interest in the series. For fans of rail-shooters however, its worth looking out for.

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