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Monday, 24 May 2010

Out this Week! 28th May 2010

The release schedule gets no let off this week with Obsidian Entertainment's Alpha Protocol proving RPG's can be more than fantasy-themed fodder. With conspiracies and espionage action the might of the experience, this action-RPG features a Mass Effect-like dialogue system and unique abilities in combat for the player that can be upgraded as you progress through the mission structure. Whether you go into combat all guns blazing or take a more stealthy approach, it's all about choice here. Take a look at my preview for more on the game.

If last week's Split/Second wasn't enough frantic racing action for you, then how about Bizarre Creation's Blur. From the guys who brought us the Project Gotham series, Blur is a blend of real world cars and general racing practice with neon-coloured tracks and devastating power-ups to take your opponents down. Like a blend of Mario Kart and Project Gotham, with a fantastic arcade racer structure. With a full campaign mode, 4-player split screen and online multiplayer, this may very well be brilliant.

UFC Undisputed: 2009 was somewhat of a surprise hit for THQ. No surprise then that a year later and the series looks to be setting up for a yearly franchise. UFC Undisputed: 2010 features over 100 fully licensed UFC fighters, a newly designed fighting system and top-notch graphics. The 2010 update allows users to dictate their own unique fighting style whilst even more moves and submissions have been added to the already substantial set. 2010 refines the standard set by 2009 and promises more bang for your buck.

Pure Football is a strange release. Not only have game play details been skimp on the ground of the online world (bizarre considering it is out on Friday!), but it features an announcement trailer with a strange looking Steven Gerrard; telling us to “feel the fight” and asking whether I'm “tough enough”. Right... Distinguishing itself from Fifa and PES, Pure Football has the odd design choice of using an 'over the shoulder' camera viewpoint and features 230 “elite” footballers, 17 International teams, and 17 “legendary players”. I won't blame you for not picking it up, it looks truly dreadful.

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