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Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Look Ahead...July 2010

If you take a look at my preview for Ruffian Games' sequel to the 2007 hit Crackdown, you'll no doubt probably guess I'm somewhat excited about the 9th July release date of Crackdown 2 for the Xbox 360 which will expand on the original in a number of ways, not least the fact it hosts many more superpowers, additional weapons and plenty of vehicles. You can also choose to team up with three others in the four player cooperative play, which also lets you play though the entire story together. And yes, orbs will be scattered in every which direction you care to look for your obsessive compulsive content. Beware of hours of sunk time in the search for them, Crackdown 2 is my buy of the month.

It's a professional sport in South Korea, with pros earning hundreds of thousands of pounds for competing in tournaments. Here, it's one of the most popular RTS games ever created. Of course, I'm talking about Blizzard's Starcraft which was released in 1998. Now, the insane anticipation levels can finally be subdued as it gets a sequel finally in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty which refines power structure between different forces, with the main game focusing on the Terrans. A further two games focusing on the Zerg and the Protoss will add to further weight to the Starcraft II experience at later dates, although this one release is boasted as being more than a worthy full game in of itself. The PC gets another big release this month with MMO APB, or 'All Points Bulletin' if you'd rather. The game's design is led by creator of the first two Grand Theft Auto games and Crackdown- David Jones. Taking place in a modern-day fictional city called San Paro, players will have the option to play as either 'Enforcer' or 'Criminal' in a constant toing and throwing between the different sides of the law. The game looks excellent in its ambition, with players regularly tasked to either commit crime, or to stop it in its tracks. For example, if a group of players rob a store, others who acts as 'enforcers' will be called in to put a stop to it. The way in which character progression is developed using skill rather than time investment is just one way in which APB differs from its rivals in a unique and exciting way.

Otherwise, the month of July looks slightly empty. Annual EA release Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 comes to the three main platforms on the 2nd (with Move support also guaranteed for the PS3) whilst Disney tie-in Toy Story 3 comes just before its cinematic release, with the film released to awaiting audiences on the 23rd. The game will recreate events from the movie, although players can also roam its sandbox environments with the all-familiar characters also, whether alone or in the two-player split-screen mode.

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