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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Preview- Blacklight: Tango Down

The release of EA DICE's Battlefield 1943 onto Xbox Live Arcade and PSN last year finally showed us two things; one- broad and full game experiences can be offered onto a meagre 2GB limit, and secondly- downloadable titles can sell extremely well if the developer gets it all right (1943 was the first download-only title to reach 1 million units sold!)

And this is why it's worth getting excited about the futuristic shooter- “part Blade Runner and part Call of Duty”- Blacklight: Tango Down, that is to be released onto Xbox Live today (July 7th) for just 1200 MS points...[ctd.]

Click here for the full preview on midlifegamer.net

1 comment:

  1. Nice heads-up on this one; I hadn't heard of this game yet, but the modern warfare meets bladerunner comment was certainly enough to catch my eye :)