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Friday, 2 July 2010

Interview with Stewart Bell

The recent announcement of publisher 'Ant Games' opening its doors led me to having the opportunity to interview its founder, ex UK managing director of Microprose- Stewart Bell. I asked about his new acquisition and what the first few releases hold in store for the future of the company.

At the beginning of June, we posted the announcement of new UK publisher 'Ant Games' opening its doors. Headed by the former UK managing director of the incredibly successful publisher, Microprose, Ant Games had already made gamers excited about their upcoming projects with the reveal of MMO Fallen Earth and JW Stealey's Warbirds: Dogfights. With a future intended to distribute through both digital and retail avenues, we spoke to Stewart Bell about what he hopes to achieve with the formation and where he thinks this path might lead...

Richard Birkett: First off, for the Midlife Gamer readership, could you let us know who you are and what you do?

Stewart Bell: I am CEO of the newly formed publisher 'Ant Games'.

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