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Monday, 19 July 2010

Developer Profile- Relentless Software

'Developer Profiles' is a series of articles that allow me to take a look at some of my most favoured companies within our industry, reflecting on past work and possible future acquisitions.

For this week's developer profile, I'm concentrating on a studio that is perhaps unlikely to be considered by most 'core' gamers for the simple fact that they produce more family orientated titles and party games. Undoubtedly talented and full of fresh and exciting ideas however, Relentless Software are the sole creators of the hugely enjoyable Buzz! quiz game series, exclusive to Sony. In fact, it was perhaps their effort in 2004 with the original Buzz! The Music Quiz that set off the party game craze.

One of the more obscure of company foundings in game developer history, Relentless was originally formed by...[ctd.]

*To read the rest of the profile, click here, or go to www.MidlifeGamer.net

1 comment:

  1. Relentless Software is one of my favourite developers of all time. I love casual and party games - and I really love the Buzz series.

    The key is that these games need to have the same energy and creative flair of a "hardcore" game to properly succeed - the majority of the casual games developers try and get away with poor quality stuff.

    When a casual developer with talent and an eye for production values steps up to the plate, however, the experience is invariably wonderful. This is Relentless Software.