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Monday, 26 July 2010

Preview- Fifa 11

Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Release Date: 1st October 2010
Format(s): Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, PS2, DS, PSP, Mobile

As a massive fan of videogames, football and Fifa in general, I find myself with a huge obligation in reporting some of the planned features that EA hope will make this the, yes here it comes, “best Fifa yet”. 

The first of many planned improvements to the formula come in the form of the new Personality+, which aims to completely address each player's “individual personality” within the game, hoping to provide complete “differentiation” sought between each player. To me, it sounds way too sophisticated to be applied effectively within the game within its first iteration, and we've seen such features touted in bygone years, although I hope to be proven wrong. Could we be seeing Arjen Robben's fluid, fast dynamism as he sprints down the wing, only to pull in onto his left foot to fire a shot home? Or Wayne Rooney to lumber about up front? (Sorry, cheap shot). Goalkeepers are also being given the Personality+ overhaul that will dictate how each will react to ongoing play, although EA have also been enthusing in detailing all-new goalkeeper abilities that will give them a much needed reality kick. Keepers will now react realistically to lobbed shots, sprint toward oncoming, stray passes, and “demonstrate urgency” when scrambling back towards their empty net. If all goes according to plan, the technology sounds absolutely incredible and could give Fifa another push towards the lofty heights of true realism.

Last year's 360° control is also publicised as having being further developed and can now calculate how collisions between multiple players will play out, in the natural progression from individual jostling. The yearly lauded “advanced intelligence” phrase crops up in EA's press release once again for the yearly franchise, now claiming “real AI” (I have no idea what that means) to control CPU players that will be bring much more sophisticated styles of play to the forefront. Again, it's hard to take EA too seriously when year-on-year we hear about such developments in AI and the like. Furthermore, Career Mode has been overhauled once again, with its new engine allowing players to play as either a real player, created player or Virtual Pro, in which instant feedback on performances will now be given, as well as a “vastly improved status system”. Other heralded details reference “authentic tournament structure, results and new calendar system”, and players can now create both players and whole teams in the new Creation Centre. Opportunity to realise my local Sunday team's Premiership ambition? I think so!

With each release in the series bringing unique faults of its own, it makes you question whether the race for perfection is ever going to be hit, although the Fifa franchise is too big not to have a yearly release so we're going to have to live with such claims for years to come. I don't doubt the quality of the game however, and will happily buy Fifa 11 like I have for the many Fifa's throughout my life. Will it live up to the exceptional Fifa 10 or flounder like Fifa 07? We'll have to wait until the 1st October to find out. I'm hoping it's the former.


  1. either way, im still going to be the master of it